level 5

Imagine a single account review that provides you with your product’s true performance and insight into your competitors, environmental factors and activity factors…

  • Windows based data analytical software built specifically for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry
  • Data centralisation for internal and external data sources
  • Incorporate custom data like formulary status and targeting
  • Increases data efficiencies and prioritisation
  • Intuitive and easy to use, and built for all levels of user e.g. director, marketer, manager
  • Full training, consistent support, all inclusive pricing
  • Prescribing data
    GP presentation level prescribing data
    See your products and their markets sales performance

  • Wholesaler data
    Your selling data
    Provide context for supply and demand of your product

  • CRM output data
    Your sales force activity and spend data
    Calculate return on investment and time on investment

  • Formulary status
    Publicly available formulary data for your market
    Review return on formulary status and areas of focus

  • 3rd party data
    Think hospital sales, dispensing data or patient e-referral data
    Bringing all of your data into one place

  • Any other data you require
    Anything you have available!
    To provide additional context against any of the data sets already included

case study
case study

level 5

The only way of truly knowing how your product is performing, is by overlaying multiple data sources.

Level 5 is our data centralisation and dashboard software which combines any internal and external data, metrics or statistics required, to enable you to efficiently interrogate the results.

Not only can you see your product’s performance, you are also given the context of that performance, and will be able to adapt your strategy accordingly.

The priority with level 5 is to increase data efficiencies, and we have applied this principle to the initial set-up. Transferring onto our system is an effortless task.

Level 5 is intuitive and easy to use. We provide training for all new users and refresher sessions on a quarterly basis.

NeoSypher. Therefore. Clarity.

level 5

Situation: we have been working with a medium sized pharmaceutical company for the last 3 years and level 5 has evolved during this time to best fit their requirements.

Task: the company required the ability to review data from all across Europe and the UK at differing levels of granularity, whilst providing the key insights to their analysts, senior management, regional management and account managers.

Action: internal information collection consisted of territory structures, personnel lists, target lists, priority markets, sales targets and branding. Along with the internal information, internal processes were mapped for current reporting, exchange rates configuration, sales versus target communications, external data procurement and territory realignments. Following the set up, we developed bespoke dashboards and market measures.

Result: this company now has a universal first port of call for all things data, and each role can login and have instant access to their relevant data. This means less time spent reviewing data, and clearer insights are gained to help inform strategic decisions.

NeoSypher. Therefore. Clarity.